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We provide services to individuals who are approved for the TBI and NHTD waiver programs. The goal of our services is to keep people living in the community of their choice and avoid nursing home placement.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is your new client procedure?

Tranquil Ways, LLC. will provide you with the information needed to start the approval process for waiver services.

If you are already receiving waiver services, your Service Coordinator could help you with setting up an interview for other services we offer such as Independent Living Skills Training (ILST), Community Integration Counseling (CIC), and Positive Behavior Intervention Supports(PBIS).

What will a Service Coordinator do?

A service coordinator will help you do the following:

 -  Gather information required to determine eligibility for waiver services

 -  Make an individualized service plan

 -  Determine what services will lead to best quality of life

 -  Review and update service plans whenever necessary and at least annually

It has been a tremendous help to my recovery from TBI. Going over the overwhelm and difficulties of this tragedy has been very valuable and appreciated

Client of CIC

I get to troubleshoot. I get a lot of information on how to troubleshoot on any situation that comes up. I get to speak my mind. It is a learning experience. It helps me to achieve my goals. I’ve learned how to use my words better and how to speak out. I enjoy having CIC to help me with trying to immerse back into the community. I would recommend people to have a CIC. It is a way to express yourself and helps people. I think everyone needs someone to help them readjust to their community.

Client of CIC

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